Kedgley Music Centre


After school music department of Kedgley Intermediate School offering affordable music tuition to children age 7 to Year 8.

Classes are held in the Music Centre (building adjacent to reception) at Kedgley Intermediate School.  They run after school on week days, during term time only.  Students are taught in small groups for half hour lessons.



Enrolments are taken during Term 4 for the following year.  They can be made in person at the Kedgley Intermediate School office , or by post. Full payment of fees must be made at the time of enrolment. Lessons are for Primary/Intermediate School children aged 6 years, or older, on 1st Feb. of the year of enrolment. They may enrol in one class only.                                                                   

Six year olds can only enrol in the Introduction to Music classes (with either recorder, or ukulele). All seven year olds must have completed one of the Introduction to Music classes before progressing to another instrument.  The Intro. to Music classes are designed to teach the basic elements of music reading, develop good practise habits and lay a solid foundation that will help your child progress into an instrument of their choosing the following year.

Children should be at least 8½ to 9 years old to enrol in clarinet, flute or saxophone classes.

Cello students need their own cello, or to hire one from a Music store. Music Works are probably the cheapest hire for the school year. 

Keyboard students must have a keyboard at home to practise on; they do not need to bring it to class. 

Drum students need their own set of drumsticks (these can be purchased at the time of enrolment). If they don’t have a drum kit at home, they will need to purchase a rubber practise pad from a music store. 

Classical & Contemporary Guitar, Recorder, and Ukulele students need their own instrument.  Recorders and ukuleles can be purchased through Kedgley Music Centre at the time of enrolment.



For the year:   $30.00 per family Registration Fee, plus $50.00 per child, Class Fee

Music books and instrument hire are extra to this (see below)



Book fees for beginners classes only (Year 1) are paid at the time of enrolment.  Year 2+ students purchase books as and when needed through their tutor.


INSTRUMENT HIRE                                                                                           

Instruments available for hire are: clarinet, bass guitar & amplifier, flute, saxophone, trumpet and violin.  We do not hire out classical/contemporary guitars, keyboards, recorders, or ukuleles.


Clarinet, Flute   $70.00    

Bass guitar   $100.00             

Amp  $50.00

Saxophone   $100.00                     

Trumpet  $110.00       

Violin   $70.00

Instruments are given to students in good order.  Any faults/damage are to be reported to the KMC office immediately for assessment and repair.  Repairs must not be organized, or carried out by the student.

Saxophones and clarinets are provided with a reed.  Students pay for any replacement thereafter.  These, and violin strings are available for purchase from the tutors. 

Instruments are handed out at the first lesson and must be returned for servicing on concert night, or during the last lesson if not attending concert night.

Students re-enrolling in the same instrument may exchange their current instrument on concert night for one which has already been serviced (if we have any available).  This may only be done if enrolment and hire forms have been completed, and all fees paid in full, one week prior to the concert night.  The instrument will then be kept over the summer holidays and through the next year.



If for some reason a class is cancelled before it is due to commence, a full refund of enrolment fees will be given.

A half refund will be given if an enrolment is withdrawn no less than 5 working days before a class starts.  Book and instrument hire fees will be refunded in full if the instrument hasn’t been issued and used* over the summer break (*applies to returning students only).

No refunds will be given if an enrolment is withdrawn within 5 working days of a class commencing, or once a class is underway (no exceptions).

It may be possible to transfer between classes if a place is available.  $5.00 per transfer.